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We are pleased that you have found your way to our website. You will not only find future dates for our book fairs, but also archives of past shows. It does not stop there. This is a site for you to return on a regular basis to learn more about our book fairs and the authors that frequent them.

Future Book Fairs

 Date of Event Location of Event

 Coming Soon, 2017 Exhibit area:
Frank & Son Collectibles Show
19649 E. San Jose Avenue
City of Industry, Ca 91748

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Vendor contact: Stan - standman@prodigy.net
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We also have the pleasure to have Dot Cannon at our shows, conducting live interviews with authors. Dot Cannon, president of Two Maverix™ Multimedia and host of Over Coffee®, has a background in professional radio. She has produced and hosted three different interview shows. The latest of these is Over Coffee®, which she began producing independently as a podcast in 2014. Her Over Coffee® podcast and her blog are dedicated to exploring the ways we all change the world through imagination, initiative and creativity.

To view past podcasts of authors, click  HERE  to find the list of authors.

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